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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 9th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1976. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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9th Oil Shale Symposium - 1976
Consolidated File: 9th Oil Shale Symposia, 1976 All Authors
Foreward James H. Gary
Net Energy Analysis of Synthetic Liquid Fuels R.V. Steele
Net Energy Analysis: An Energy Balance Study of Western Fossil Fuels A.G. Melcher
Performance Characteristics of a Motor Gasoline Produced from Oil Shale R.W. Hurn
Paraho Oil Shale Retort J.B. Jones, Jr.
Energy and Water Requirements for an Oil Shale Plant Based in the Paraho Process J.M. McKee, S.K. Kunchal
Paraho—Outlook for Commercial Development Harry Pforzheimer
Oil Shale is Not Dead B.E. Weichman
Oxy Modified In Situ Oil Process Development and Update H.E. McCarthy, C.Y. Cha
Health Effects of Oil Shale Processing R.M. Coomes
Preliminary Results of Five Oil Shale Converstion Experiments at Laramie Energy Research Center H.C. Carpenter, E.L. Burwell, J.J. Cummins, J.J. Duvall, R.L. Wise
Pipeline Gas fromn Oil Shale E.L. Burwell, I.A. Jacobson, Jr.
Pyrolysis of Oil Shale: Effects of Thermal History on Oil Yield R.S. Stout, G.J. Koskinas, J.H. Raley, S.D. Santor, R.J. Opila, A.J. Rothman
Oil Shale Research: A Brief History P.L. Russell
Advancing Mining Technology of Oil Shale Stephen Utter
A Technical and Economic Study of Candidate Underground Mining Systems for Deep, Thick Oil Shale Deposits W.N. Hoskins, R.P. Upadhyay, J.B. Bills, C.R. Sandberg III
Technical and Economic Study of an Underground Mining, Rubblization and In Situ Retorting System for Deep Oil Shale Deposits R.B. Stone
Resource Appraisal and Preliminary Planning for Surface Mining of Oil Shale, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado C.E. Banks, B.C. Franciscotti
Confined Core Pillar Design for Colorado Oil Shale J.F. Abel, Jr., W.N. Hoskins
Reactivity of Oil Shale Carbonaceous Residue with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide R.G. Mallon, R.L. Braun
Tri-State Oil Shale Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management B.E. Rippeteau
Coordination of Federal Cultural Resource Programs Roy Reaves III
Role of Bureau of Land Management in Enforcing Federal Antiquities Legislation and Policies Roberto Costales
Objectives of National Advisory Council in Cultural Resource Management Louis Wall
What Does the Archaeologist Look For and Why? C.H. Jennings

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