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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 7th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1974. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file. Following the 5th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1968, the Oil Shale Conference did not restart as a series until 1974. The numbering of the series, however, restarted at seven (7) rather than (6), as a previous Environmental Oil Shale Symposium held in the intervening years was considered as the sixth in the series. For a copy of the Environmental Oil Shale Symposium, please contact COSTAR.

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7th Oil Shale Symposium - 1974
Consolidated File: 7th Oil Shale Symposia, 1974 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
Oil Shale—A Clean Energy Source Sidney Katell, Reid Stone, Paul Wellman
In Situ Processing of Oil ShaleRichard D. Ridley
The Superior Process for Development of Oil Shale and Associated MineralsBen Weichman
Oil Shale Processing MethodsThomas A. Hendrickson
Oil Shale and the Energy Situation Wayne E. Glenn
The Environmental Story H. Michael Spence
Water Prospects for the Emerging Oil Shale Industry Felix L. Sparks
Air Pollution Aspects of Proposed Oil Shale Development in Northwestern Colorado Lane W. Kirkpatrick
The Physical Background Frank G. Cooley
Impacts of Oil Shale: Boom or Boon John S. Gilmore, Mary K. Duff
Western Colorado: Choices for Growth Robert E. Giltner
Colorado Oil Shale and Water Roland C. Fischer
Cultural Resources of Western Colorado James J. Hester
Development of Technologies for In Situ Oil Shale Processes Harry C. Carpenter, Harold W. Sohns
Colony Development Operation Room-and-Pillar Oil Shale Mining Paul W. Marshall
Oil Shale: A Roadblock and a Solution Clifton W. Livingston
Fischer Assay of Oil Shale Procedures of the Oil Shale Corporation Lawrence Goodfellow, Mark T. Atwood
Rapid Determination of Recoverable Oil in Oil Shale by Thermal AnalysisP. Robert Reed, Jr., Philip L. Warre

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