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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 25th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1992. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file. This symposium is the last in the current archival series. For more recent symposia, plesae see the link below.

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25th Oil Shale Symposium - 1992
Consolidated File: 25th Oil Shale Symposium, 1992 All Authors
Forward James H. Gary
A State-of-the-Art Integrated Process for Oil from Colorado Shales John E. Gwyn
Analysis of a Boom / Bust Cycle: How Severe was the Oil Shale Bust in Northwestern Colorado? Jim Evans
Bench-Scale Simulation of Quenching and Stabilization of MIS Retorts F. Alan Barbour, John E. Boysen
HRS Pilot Plant and Modeling Results R.J. Cena, C.B. Thorsness
Laboratory Measurement of Combustion Kinetics of Retorted Western Oil Shale C.B. Thorsness, B.E. Watkins
Low Temperature Processing of Lump Oil Shale in Retorts with a Circular Semicoking Chamber VM. Yefimov, R.A. Looper, T.A. Purre, LH. Rooks
Oil Shale Ash Layer Thickness and Char Combustion Kinetics David F. Aldis, Mary F. Singleton, Bruce E. Watkins, Charles B. Thorsness, Robert J. Cena
Organic Geochemistry of Alpha Torbanite and its Derived Oil; Implications for Retorting Adrian C. Hutton, J. Ellis, J. Korth
Petrosix Industrial Plant in Operation Joao Percy Hohmann, Waldir P. Martignoni, Edwin Piper
Shale-Derived Middle Distillate Fuel Insolubles: Formation Conditions and Characterization George W. Mushrush, Erna J. Beal, Dennis R. Hardy
Shale-Oil Resources of the Mahogany Zone in Eastern Uinta Basin, Uinta County, Utah John R. Dyni, John R. Donnell, Wilbur D. Grundy, William B. Cashion
Technical and Economic Framework for Market Enhancement of Shale Oil James W. Bunger
The Influence of Damping on Computer Simulations of Rock Motion Dale S. Preece
The Permeability of LURGI Shale Affected by Cracking and Cooling David B. McWhorter, Earl D. York, George H. Watson
Thermal Retorting Kinetics of Fine-Particle Oil Shale from Tract C-a oil B.Y. C So, P.M. Train

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