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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 24th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1988. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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24th Oil Shale Symposium - 1988
Consolidated File: 24th Oil Shale Symposium, 1988 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
Analysis of Particle Slip and Drag in a Lift Pipe Used in the Hot-Recycled-Solid Oil Shale Retort D.F. Aldis, C.B. Thorsness
Attrition and Breakage of a Western Reference Oil Shale at Process Temperatures Ulrich Grimm, Glenn Swaney
Blasting-Induced Rock-Motion Modeling Including Gas Pressure Effects Dale S. Preece, Steven D. Knudsen
Chemical Basis of Middle-Distillate Fuel Instability—Interactive Effects of Selected Nitrogen Heterocycles with Organic Acids and Bases in a Shale-Derived Diesel Fuel George W. Mushrush, Erna J. Beal, Robert N. Hazlett, Dennis R. Hardy
Colorado Oil Shale Initiatives for the '90s Ronald W. Cattany
Commercial Economics of Shale Oil-Modified Asphalt Larry A. Lukens
Commercial Feasibility of Producing Shale Oil-Modified Asphalt Larry A. Lukens, Mark A. Plummer
Economic Aspects of Oil Shale Production Using Radio-Frequency In Situ Retorting W.S. Streeter, J.E. Bridges, G.C. Sresty
Environmental Analysis of Occidental Oil Shale Inc's Proof-of-Concept Oil Shale Project P.F. Ziemkiewicz
Exploitation of Shale Hydration for Leachate Control in Disposed Oil Shale David B. McWhorter, George H. Watson, Juergen Braun, Earl D. York
Field Evaluations with a Low-Incendive Blasting Agent in Oil Shale Mines Eric S. Weiss, Kenneth L. Cashdollar, Michael J. Sapko, Eugene M. Bazala
Hot-Recycled-Solid Pilot Plant—1991 Status Report Robert J. Cena
Methane Occurrences and Potential Resources in the Lower Parachute Creek Member of Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Rex D. Cole, Gerald J. Daub
Oil Shale Retorting with Steam and Recycle Gas L.S. Merrill, L.D. Wheaton
Robert B. Crookston—His Oil Shale Achievements, His Collections, and the Tell Ertl Oil Shale Archives Robert N. Heistand, Mark T. Atwood
Socioeconomic Impact of the Unocal Oil Shale Project—An Analysis Jim Evans
The Combustion Process Effectiveness Factor of Oil Shale Char Particles Min Lin, Xianqing Wang, Jialin Qian, Yajia Zhu
The Positive Environmental Experience at Unocal's Commercial Shale Oil Project William L. Sharrer
Update on the Colorado Tract C-b Oil Shale Demonstration Facility Leroy Dockter
Update on the Radio-Frequency In Situ Extraction of Shale Oil J.E. Bridges, G.C. Sresty

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