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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 23rd Oil Shale Symposium held in 1990. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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23rd Oil Shale Symposium - 1990
Consolidated File: 23rd Oil Shale Symposium, 1990 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Study on the Composition of Shale Oil from Fushun and Maoming in China (I) Lin Min
An Overview of the DOE Oil Shale Research and Development Program James D. Batchelor
Attrition and Breakage of Western Oil Shale Ulrich Grimm, Glenn Swaney
Chemical Basis of Instability of Shale-Derived Middle Distillate Fuels George W. Mushrush, Erna J. Beal, Dennis R. Hardy
Colorado Tract C-b Demonstration Project Status and Plans Raymond L. Zahradnik, R. Glenn Vawter
Conversion Characteristics of Selected Foreign and Domestic Oil Shales Francis P. Miknis
Cracking and Coking of Shale-Oil Vapors P.H. Wallman, M.F. Singleton, R.W. Taylor
Development of Low Incendive Blasting Agents for Use Under Gassy Oil Shale Mining Conditions Eric S. Weiss, Michael J. Sapko
Energy Strategy for the 1990s Michael S. Koleda.
Management Program for Spent Modified In Situ Retorts John E Boyfen, James R. Covell, Kay Kofford, R. Glenn Vawter
Oil-Shale Data, Cores, and Samples Collected by the U.S. Geological Survey Through 1989 John R. Dyni, Frances Gay, Thomas C. Michalski
Results of the Water-Jet-Assisted Mechanized Oil Shale Mining Factory Tests Wilhelm J. Kogelmann, Joseph E. Virgona, Edward D. Thimons, L. Alan Weakly
Review of the Soluble Salt Process for In-Situ Recovery of Hydrocarbons from Oil Shale with Emphasis on Leaching and Possible Beneficiation A.T. Ireson
Rock Motion Simulation and Prediction of Porosity Distribution for a Two-Void-Level Retort Dale S. Preece
Study on Treatment of Oil Shale Retorting Wastewater by Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) Bi Daoyi
Tell Ertl Oil Shale Archives Robert Heistand
The Beneficiation of Oil Shale by the Solution Mining of Nahcolite Gale Peters
The Composition and Solubility of Ettringite Precipitated from Combusted Oil Shale M. E. Essington, Cloyd P. Reeg, Allen C. Randle, John C. Duir
Unocal's Parachute Creek Oil Shale Project Cloyd P. Reeg, Allen C. Randle, John C. Duir

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