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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 22nd Oil Shale Symposium held in 1989. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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22nd Oil Shale Symposium - 1989
Consolidated File: 22nd Oil Shale Symposium, 1989 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
An Evaluation of Hydrologic, Geotechnical, and Chemical Behavior of Processed Oil Shale Solid Waste I: Program Overview and Description of Research Q.D. Skinner, T.L Reeves, J.P. Turner, V.R. Hasfurther
An Evaluation of Hydrologic, Geotechnical, and Chemical Behavior of Processed Oil Shale Solid Waste II: The Use of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) for Monitoring In Situ Volumetric Water Content in Processed Oil Shale T.L. Reeves, S.M. Elgezawi, T.G. Kaser
A Study on Ignition of Oil Shale and Char Min Lin, Changshan Liu
Application of Computer Blast Modeling to Oil Shale Mining P.J. Hommert, D.S. Preece, B.J. Thome
Assessment of Gas and Dust Explosion Hazards in Oil Shale Mining Using ANFO E.S. Weiss. M.J. Sapko, E.M. Bazala
Beginning of an Oil Shale Industry in Australia Bruce Wright
Boom Town Blues: Oil Shale and Exxon's Exit Andrew Gulliford
Development of Production Drill Bits and Blast Rounds George L. Baloo
Flash Hydrotorting of Colorado Oil Shale M.A. McMahon, E.F. de Paz
History and Some Potentials of Oil Shale Cement C.F. Knutson, R.P. Smith, B.F. Russell
Interactive Chemical Effects and Instability of Shale Derived Middle Distillate Fuels G.W. Mushrush, E.J. Beal, J.M. Watkins, R.E. Morris, D.R. Hardy
Isothermal Pyrolysis and Combustion of Oil Shale in Steam T.T. Coburn, R.W. Taylor, CJ. Morris
Jordanian Oil Shale Future Processing and its Impact on the Environment Y.M. Hamarneh
Kinetic Studies on Rapid Oil Shale Pyrolysis Ming-Shing Shen, Lawrence J. Shadle, Guo-Qing Zhang
Niche Market Assessment for a Small-Scale Western Oil Shale Project J.E. Sinor
New Paraho Shale Oil 1988 Program Results L.A. Lukens
Oil Shale Fine Process Developments in Brazil A.C. Lisboa, R.E. Novicki, E.M. Piper
Oil Shale Loss as Dust from a Laboratory Fluidized Bed R.W. Taylor, P.L. Beavers
Oil Shale Research in the Peoples Republic of China Jia Lin Qian, Jian Qiu Wang
Oil Shales of the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada: Stratigraphy, Composition, Depositional Environment and Potential Uses W.D. Smith, R.D. Naylor, W.D. Kalkreuth
Pour Point Depressant Made from Thermally Treated Shale Oil Xu Shuhua, Bao Chong, Lu Shaoxin, Zhang Wanyou, Zhang Fan
Shear Strength of a Retorted and Combusted Oil Shale Solid Waste R. A. Rothwell, J. P. Turner
Some Characteristics of Oil Shales in China Changshan Liu, Jiying Chen, Min Lin
Specific Features of Catagenetically Transformed Oil Shales Kaaril E. Urov
The Case for In Situ K. Britton
The Future of Oil Shale R.G. Vawter
The Kiviter Process of Retorting Large Particle Oil Shale V.M. Yefimov, I.H. Rooks
Water-Jet-Assisted Mechanized Oil Shale Mining Factory Tests W.J. Kogelmann, J.E. Virgona, E.D. Thimons, L.A. Weakly

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