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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 21st Oil Shale Symposium held in 1988. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file. This conference was singular in that it was the first conference within the series designated as an "International Oil Shale Conference." Numerous conferees from countries around the world participated in the conference. China, in particular, and as noted in the preface, played a substantial role in this conference. Astute obsevers will note that the 24th OIl Shale Symposium was also published in 1988, indicating a rather curious sequence of publications. We suspect the publication of the International OSS played a role in this oddity, but it remains a mystery.

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21st Oil Shale Symposium - 1988
Consolidated File: 21st Oil Shale Symposium, 1988 All Authors
Forward: Ahead of Our Time James H. Gary
Preface Zhu Ya-jie
Keynote Address Hou Xianglin
A New Scheme for Upgrading Fushun Shale Oil Qian Hongye; Tian Huiyuan
A Study of Oxidation Technique of Oil Shale Cao Zhongyuan, Zhao Qinrui, Yang Qiushui, Li Sixin, Zhang Guizhen, Nan Guozhi
A Study on the Combustion Kinetics of Fushun and Maoming Shale Char Particles Wang Xianqing, Lin Min, Qian Jialin, Zhu Yajia
A Study on the Kinetics of Kerogen Pyrolysis by Means of Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry Lu Shaoxin, Wang Tingfen, Shen Doujun, Zhang Yali, Qin Kuangzong
Advances in Fragmentation for In Situ Bed Production Lin Yihe
Application of Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography to Examination of Oil Generation Properties of Various oil Shales Mariko Ishiwatari, Haru Sakashita, Takashi Tatsumi, Hiro-o
Isothermal Pyrolysis and Char Combustion of Oil Shales T.T. Coburn, R.W. Taylor, C.J. Morris, V. Duval
Characterization of Flash Pyrolysis Products from Green River Oil Shale Lawrence J. Shadle, Renae D. Rosencrans, Ming-Shing Shen, Kal S.Seshadri, Yau-Hsin C. Wang
Commercial Zonation of the Estonia Oil Shale Deposit V. Kattai, V. Puura
Comparison between Chinese and Colorado Oil Shales D.S. Laity, B.K. Lok, C.R. Hsieh
Comparison of Extracts and Yields from the Thermal Solution of a Typical Green River Oil Shale and a Sunbury Oil Shale A. Lamont Tyler, Don R. Leavitt, A. Scott Kafesjian
Comparison of Fischer Assay Shale Oils Produced from Different Oil Shales Ru-Yi Wu, Shuang-Ling Chong, Francis P. Miknis
Dependence of the Yield and Properties of Semicoking Oils on the Mineral Content and Composition of Oil Shales Kaarli Urov
Design of a New Oil Shale Retort for China's Fushun Region H.E. Nutall, Chengjun Du
Development of Oil Shale Retorting Plant in Japan, Part I: Construction of the Pilot Plant Takashi Yabushita
Development of Oil Shale Retorting Plant in Japan, Part II: Operation of the Pilot Plant Takashi Yabushita, Koichi Yuta, Teruo Oki
Dissociation of Organic and Mineral Matrix of Maoming Oil Shale at Low-Temperature and Ambient-Atmosphere Arthur Shu-Keun Lee, Hsien Jen Lian, Teh Fu Yen
Drying Mechanism and Kinetics Model of Lump-Size Maoming Oil Shale with High Moisture Content Wang Jianqiu, Ding Fuchen, Li Shuyuan, Qian Jialin
Economic Assessment of the Fushun Type Commercial Shale Oil Plant Li Chunnian, Yan Guanliang
Factors Affecting the Results of Fischer Assay of Oil Shale Jiying Chen, Changshan Liu
Feature of Distribution and Suggestion on the Development and Utilization of Oil Shale in China Zhao Longye, Wang Tianshun
Fluid-Bed Boiler Burning Particulate Maoming Oil Shale Chen Yizhou, Que Yiqun
Fluidized Bed Combustion of Thai Oil Shale S. Vanichseni, K. Silapabunleng, V. Chongvisal, P. Prasertdham
Fluidized-Bed Retorting of Australian Oil Shales Nguyen V. Dung, Pinky Udaja
Geological Types of Oil Shale Deposits in China Ma Xuechang, Yin Shanchun
High Capacity Retorts for Processing Large Particle Oil Shale V.M. Yefimov, E.E. Piik, I.H. Rooks, N.A. Nazinin
High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) in the Study of Oil Shales Miryam Glikson
Hydroretorting, Rock-Eval and Fisher Assay Analyses of Some World Oil Shales John R. Dyni, Donald E. Anders, Raymond C. Rex, Jr.
Identification and Treatability of Organics in the Waste Water from Oil Shale Retorting Units Mengchan Yao, Daning Xie
Industrial Testing of Retorting Waste Water Treatment in Towered Biological Filtration Pond GET FILE
Initiation and Development of Oil Shale Fluidized-Bed Boilers in China Zhao Zongyu
Investigation on Pyrolysis of Huangxian Oil Shale Between 550°-750°C Yang Jitao
Investigation on the Portland Pozzolana Cement with More Shale Ash Content Tian Guangshu, Zhou Xingshan, Han Zhongpu, Li Xianglin
Investigation the Structure of Kerogens Based on the Oxidation Products from Multistep Alkaline Permanganate Degradation Yang Qiushui, Xie Rongju, Cao Zhongyuan, Li Sixin, Zhang Guizhen, Fan Weiyu
Isothermal Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography for study of Hydrocarbon Formation Kinetics from KerogenLu Qinghua, Qin Kuangzong, Wang Tingfen, Zhu Yajie
Kinetics of Cracking and Coking of Oil Shale Vapors and Their Relevance to the Processing of Australian Oil Shales G.C.Wall, P. Udaja
Liquefaction of Oil Shales in Different Solvents and Reagents Hans Luik, Ilmar Klesment, Juri Teder
Liquid Fuel from Oil Shales by Hydrogenation and Aqueous Conversion Lia Nappa, Ilmar Klesment
Maoming and Huadian Oil Shale Retorting Using Solid Heat Carrier Guo Shucai, Luo Changqi, Han Zhuang, You Longbo, Han Wei
Mechanism of Hydrocarbon Generation from Fushun Oil Shale Kerogen as Viewed by High Field Solid State C-13 n.m.r. Spectroscopy Qin Kuangzong, Wu Xiaoling
Mechanistic Study of Sorption of Quinoiine and Pyridine onto Rundle Spent Shale S. Zhu, P.R.F. Bell, P.F. Greenfield
Modified-In Situ Technology Combined with Aboveground Retorting and Circulating Fluid Bed Combustors Could Offer a Viable Method to Unlockk Oil Shale Reserves in the Near Future J. Hulsebos, B.P. Pohani, R.E. Moore, R.L. Zahradnik
Multipurpose Use of Shale Ash and its Paragenetic Mineral in China Tian Guangshu, Zhou Xingshan, Han Zhongpu, Xu Zhihua
Oil Shale Deposits in Central Jordan Yousef Hamarneh
Oil Shale Industrialization in Brazil Altair R. Durski Batista, Kuniyuki Terabe
Oil Shale Retoring in Dense Phase Hot-Solid Recycle Systems Robert J. Cena, Robert W. Taylor
Oil Shale Retorting Technology in Maoming Lin Yihe
Organic Geochemistry of the Onshore Kimmeridge Clay Oil Shale of Britain Paul F.V. Williams
Potential Production of Specialty Chemicals from Oil Shale in the United States Jerry E. Sinor
Preferred Explosives for Blasting in Oil Shale Mines Eric S. Weiss, Michael J. Sapko, Richard W. Watson
Preliminary Study on Hydrotreating of a High Sulfur Content Oil Shale Zhu Zehua, Qin Kuangzong, Wang Tingfen, Zhu Yajie, Zhang Yanping
Prevention of Oil Shale Dust Explosions Martin Hertzberg, Kenneth L. Cashdollar
Properties of Shale Ash (Taken From the Boiling Furnace) Portland Cement Han Zhongpu, Xiao Qih
Reactor-Combustor Fluidized Bed Retorting of Maoming Oil Shale Luo Rongtao
Recovery of Organic Material by Supercritical Toluene from Turkish Goynuk Oil Shale Yuda Yurum, Abdulkerim Karabakan
Retorting of Four Kinds of Small Size Oil Shale with an Inclining Type Continuous Retort Minoru Enomoto, Shiro Takahashi, Shinya Sato
Shale Oil Industry in Maoming Shi Guo-Quan
Sixty Years of Oil Shale Retorting Industry in Fushun Yang Gin, Liu Guofu
Some Aspects of Nonfuel Utilization of Oil Shales Veski Rein
Some Ideas on the Development of Maoming Oil Shale and Shale Oil Industry Liang Guopei, Shi Guoquan, Yang Yisheng
Status of Oil Shale Developments and Supporting Research in Australia Peter G. Alfredson, A. John Gannon
Structural Characterization of the Kerogen from Pumpherston Oil Shale D. Vitorovic, A. Ambles, S. Bajc, O.Cvetkovic, D.Milojkovic
Studies on Strength and Workability of High-Strength Flowing Concrete Utilizing Low Calcium Oil Shale Ash Wang Zhimin, Lian Huizhen, Li Mingzhen, Luo Longtao
Study of Gas Evolution During Oil Shale Pyrolysis by TQMS M.S. Oh, T.T. Coburn, R.W. Crawford, A.K. Burnham
Study on Pyrolysis of Particulate Oil Shale with an Improved Thermogravimetric Apparatus Wang Jianqiu, Li Shuyuan, Yang Keyong
Study on the Viability of Upgrading Brazilian Shale Fines Through Flotation Rosa Maria Port Wodtke, Regina C.Carrisso, A.Miguez de Mell
Supercritical Extraction of Chinese Oil Shales Guo Shucai, Hu Haoquan, Wang Rui, Han Wei, Huang Guanwei, Kurt Hedden, Achim Wilhelm
Technical Features of Fushun-Type Retort Today Wang Xigui, Huang Guizhen
The Conditions of Kukersite Deposition V. Puura, H. Bauert, R. Mannil
The Current Situation with Respect to Oil Shale Research and the Use of Oil Shale in the Federal Republic of Germany Hans-Hermann Schmitz
The Electrochemical Oxidation of Oil Shale Zhao Yongfeng, Chi Haiyong, Dai Heng
The Geology of New Brunswick Oil Shales Eastern Canada F.D. Ball, G. Macauley
The Petroporphyrins in Several Oil Shales China Liao Zhiqin, Huang Difan, Shi Jiyang
The Relationship Between Oil Shales and Low-Matured Heavy Oil Pools in Huanghua Depression Wang Zhong-ran, Qin Ruo-Zhe, Lei Ming
The Self-Desulphurating Characteristics of High Sulphur Oil Shale in Fluidized Bed Combustor Fu Zhenzhong, Lu Guoqing, Liu Baiqian
The Significance of Dilatancy to In Situ Bed Preparation Keith Britton
The Swedish Shale Gasification Research Program Lars A. Andersson, Ingemar Bjerle
Thermal Decomposition of New Brunswick Oil Shale Deniz Karman, Blake Hender
Thermal Fatigue Cracking of Estonian Oil-Shale-Fired Boilers' Tubes Caused by On-Load Water Deslagging Raivo Touart
Thermal Properties of Chinese Oil Shale—Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Oil Shale Lu Shaoxin, Wang Tingfen, Guan-Mi, Huang-Yong
UNOCAL Corporation's Commercial Experience in Upgrading Shale Oil to Produce a High Quality Syncrude Cloyd P. Reeg, John H. Duir, Allen C. Randle
Upgrading Julia Creek Shale Oil—Syncrude or Fully Refined Products? L.C. Stephenson, A. Muradian, C.J.R. Fookes, A.R. Atkins, C.K. Walters
Upgrading of Shale Oil by an Ebullated-Bed Reactor M. Hayashi, F. Kohno, T. Masuda, N. Shinoda, T. Shimada, M. Kaneko, H. Fujita, S. Ohmoto
Utilization of Estonian Oil Shale at Thermal Power Plants Arvo Ots
Utilization of High-Sulfur Shale Oil in Power Plant Integrated with Gasification System Yu. A. Vyskubenko, V.M.Maslennikov, E.A.Tsalko
Variations in the Composition of Sterans and Triterpanes in Oil Shales of Different Origins and Stages of Maturity Eugenia Bondar

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