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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 18th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1985. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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18th Oil Shale Symposium - 1985
Consolidated File: 18th Oil Shale Symposium, 1985 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Method for Estimating Permeability in Oil Shale Retorts Based on Pressure and Temperature Measurements P.B. Rye, L.W. White, J.C. Purcupile
A New Oil Shale Retort Fluid Beds Exchanging Solids But Not Gases Y-O Chong, D.J. Nicklin, P.J. Tait
A Review of Oil Shale Research in Australia Peter G. Alfredson
Alkaline Scrubbing of In Situ Oil Shale Retort Offgas at Geokinetics Hal Taback, Robert Goldstick, Edward Bates
An Evaluation of the Effects of Weathering on a 50-Year O1d Retorted Oil Shale Waste Pile, Rulison Experimental Retort, Colorado Michele L. Tuttle, Walter E. Dean, Daniel J. Ackerman
Assessing Potential Trace Metal Leachability of Retorted Oil Shale by Complexometric Agents Esmail Esmaili, Robert B. Carroll, Larry P. Jackson
Detailed Lithologic, Rock Quality, and Hydrologic Data from Four Drill Holes in the Central Piceance Creek Basin, Rio Blanco County, Colorado G.J. Daub, L.K. Weston, E.C. Rosar
Dust and Pressure Generated During Commercial Oil Shale Mine Blasting Eric S. Weiss, Kenneth L. Cashdollar, Michael J. Sapko
EPA Oil Shale Research Activities E.R. Bates
Estimating Solid Wastes from Oil Shale Facilities R.N. Heistand
Evaluation of Blast Designs for In Situ Oil Shale Retorting E. Gorham-Bergeron, J. S. Kuszmaul
Fire Hazards of Oil Shale Dust Layers on Hot Surfaces Yael Miron, Charles P. Lazzara
Fluorine in Colorado Oil Shale John R. Dyni
Saline Dissolution Collapse in the Piceance Creek Basin T.W. Gulliver
Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Colony Shale Oil Project Area Michael J. Day, Harry A. Perry
Initial Results of Green River Oil Shale Processing Using the University of Utah's Pilot Scale Bottom Burning Retort Harold R. Jacobs, Joseph M. Oliva
Limitations of Commercial Explosives and Blasting Caps and Their Effect on In Situ Blast Design Keith Britton
Liquid and Vapor Transport Coefficients for Retorted Oil Shale D.B. McWhorter, G.O. Brown
Marketable Transport Fuels from Julia Creek Shale Oil L. Stephenson, A. Muradian, C.J.R. Fookes, A.R. Atkins, B.D. Batts
Mining Strategy Effects on Oil Shale Profitability Irving G. Studebaker
Nitric Oxide (NO) Emissions from Combustion of Retorted Oil Shale R.W. Taylor, C.J. Morris, A.K. Burnham
Oil Shale Grade Variability in Close-Spaced Core Holes in the Mahogany Zone of the Colony Shale Oil Project Area H.A. Perry, C.E. Brechtel, M.P. Hardy
Pressure Loss in Packed Beds of Low Void Fraction J.C. Purcupile, C.M. Jensen and P.N. Jayakaran
Processing In Situ Oil Shale Retort Offgas with a Stretford Plant at Geokinetics Hal Taback, Greg Quartucy, Edward Bates
Pyrolysis of Model Alkyl Pyridine Compounds George W. Mushrush, Wayne M. Stalick, John V. Cooney, Robert N. Hazlett
Pyrolysis of Oil Shale in Supercritical Toluene Reaction Mechanism and Role of Hydrogen R.H. Baldwin, G.S. Lane, K.U. Chen
Reduction Grade Alumina and Soda Ash from Dawsonitic Oil Shale J.C. White, J.E. Mauser, J.L. Henry
Results of Mathematical Modeling of Oil Shale Retorting in an Aboveground, External-Combustion, Moving-Bed Retort Robert L. Braun, Arthur E. Lewis
Saline Dissolution Collapse in the Piceance Creek Basin T.W. Gulliver
Shale Oil Aerosol Removal Using a Venturi Scrubber Environmental Research on WRI's Ten-Ton Oil Shale Retort Barry G. Place, T.F. Turner, Ray Hobbs, Dan Katz
The Effect of Residual Carbon on Adsorption of Organic Compounds by Retorted Oil Shale L.J. McGowan, S.S. Sorini
The History and Future of China's Oil Shale Industry Chengjun Du, H.E. Nuttall
The Mancamp Issue: Toward a Good Neighbor Policy for Major Energy Minerals Developments Nels R. Leutwiler
Update on the American Syn-Crude / Indiana Shale Oil Project G. Larry Eitel, George Domahidy

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