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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 17th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1984. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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17th Oil Shale Symposium - 1984
Consolidated File: 17th Oil Shale Symposium, 1984 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Benefit / Cost Analysis of Availability in Oil Shale Material Handling Systems F.W. Tagge, J.B. Reisdorf
A Brief Comparison of Some Technological and Environmental Aspects of Large-Scale Surface and Underground Mining of Oil Shale, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado G.A. Miller, John R. Dyni, D.R. Dietz
An Engineering Approach To the Elimination of Contaminated Seepage from Processed Shale Piles Adrian Brown, George H. Watson, David B. McWhorter
An Experimental Study of Flow Mechanisms in In Situ Oil Shale Retorting Kenneth K. Lau
Applications of Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection to the Analysis of Oil Shale Process Waters and Leachates G.E. Batley
Applying the Colorado Joint Review Process to Oil Shale Development Projects Adam Poe
Cold Flow Model Testing of the Hytort Process Retort Design Raymond C. Rex, Jr., Ted M. Knowlton
Current Environmental Issues Facing Oil Shale Development John G. Welles
Development of a Predictive Capability for Oil Shale Rubblization: Result of Recent Cratering Experiments R. L. Parrish, J. S. Kuszmaul
Dust Explosion Hazards Due to Blasting of Oil Shale J.K. Richmond, F.P. Beitel
Effects of High Temperature and Heating Rate on Kerogen Decomposition C.S. Wen, D.A. Danner, T.P. Kobylinski, A. Bruce King
Evaluation of Rundle Spent Shale as an Adsorbent for the Treatment of Retort Water P.R.F. Bell, P.F. Greenfield, M. Corney, A.J. Moore
Explosion Hazards of Oil Shale Dusts: Limits, Pressures, and Ignitability Kenneth L. Cashdollar, Martin Hertzberg, Ronald S. Conti
Gulf Shale Oil Upgrading Process Technology W. Jones, II, D. Lyzinski, J.B. Miller, A.V. Cugini, F.J. Antezana
High Risk Groups in an Oil Shale Workforce Lawrence B. Gratt, Bruce W. Perry, William M. Marine, David A. Savitz
High Temperature Minerals in an In Situ Oil Shale Retort Glenn M. Mason, Lowell K. Spackman, Jonathan D. Williams
Hydrocarbon Induced Cancer Risks in Oil Shale Processing David A. Savitz, William M. Marine, Lawrence B. Gratt, Bruce W. Perry
In Situ Retorting Via RF Heating: A Conceptual Design G.D. Gould, R.R. McKinsey, J.E. Bridges, G. Sresty
Indirect In Situ Retorting of Oil Shale Using the TREE SM Process J.R. Covell, J.L. Fahy, J. Schreiber, B.C. Sudduth, L. Trudell
Inorganic Sulfur Species in Retorted Oil Shale J. Howatson, J.A. Clark, R.E. Poulson
Isothermal Fluidised-Bed Pyrolysis of Australian Oil Shales in Superheated Steam G.C. Wall
Kinetic Studies on Kerogen Decomposition Mani Natarajan
Oil Field Losses in Non-Uniform In Situ Oil Shale Retorts Craig E. Tyner
Oil Shale Health and Environmental Effects Research Projects and Risk Analysis Requirements Paul Cho
Oil Shale Retorting—Measuring Process Yields M.T. Atwood, S.W. Tyson
Oil Shale Retorting Processes: A Technical Overview Arthur E. Lewis, Robert L. Braun, Julio C. Diaz
Public Health Risks from an Oil Shale Industry Bruce W. Perry, Lawrence B. Gratt
Rapid Estimation of Organic Nitrogen in Oil Shale Wastewaters B.M. Jones, G.J. Harris, C.G. Daughton
Risk of Dust-Induced Lung Disease in Oil Shale Workers William M. Marine, David A. Savitz, Lawrence B. Gratt, Bruce W. Perry
Sedimentological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Definition of Oil-Shale Facies in the Lower Parachute Creek Member of Green River Formation, Colorado R.D. Cole
Solid Retort Water Interactions The Fate of Organics and Inorganics E.J. Peterson, M.M. Jones, J. Lynn, W.D. Spall
Summary of the Oil Shale Fragmentation Program at Anvil Points Mine, Colorado Richard D. Dick, Chapman Young, William L. Fourney
The Mobility of Organic Compounds in a Codisposal System J.P. Fox, P. Persoff, A. Newton, R.N. Heistand
The Role of Computer Simulation in Oil Shale Blasting Thomas F. Adams, Charles F. Keller
Use of Critical Surface Tension of Wetting in the Beneficiation of Oil Shales: "Gamma Flotation" B. Yarar, G.P. Hemphill
Variation of Fischer Assay Pyrolysis Products with Depth, Green River Formation Oil Shales, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado W. Scott Meddaugh
Variations in Organic Geochemistry and Petrography with Depth of Burial, Green River Formation Oil Shales, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado W. Scott Meddaugh, S. Imbus, F.T.C Ting, C.A. Salotti
What's Next for Shale Development? Richard M. Lieber

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