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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 16th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1983. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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16th Oil Shale Symposium - 1983
Consolidated File: 16th Oil Shale Symposium, 1983 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
Vertical Pneumatic Conveying of Mixed-Particle-Sized Oil Shale Roland Quong
Variations in Sulfur Mineralization in the Parachute Creek Member of Green River Formation, Colorado and Utah David L. Boyer, Rex D. Cole
Using a Multiple Log Approach to Evaluate Green River Oil Shale in the Piceance Creek Basin Rob Habiger, R.H. Robinson
The Utilization of Residual Heat in Spent MIS Retorts for Wastewater Treatment and Process Improvements Norman E. Hester, Carl Jacobson
The Devonian-Mississippian Oil Shale Resource of the Eastern United States R. David Matthews
The Treatability of Wastewaters Produced During Oil Shale Retorting Duane R. Day, Bharat O. Desai, Walter W. Liberick, Jr.
Study of Moroccan Oil Shale Thermal Decomposition Kinetics Omar Bekri, Hachem Baba-Habib, Chang Yul Cha, M.C. Edelman
Stratigraphic Variation of Sulfur Isotopes in Colorado Corehole Number 1 John Ward Smith, N.B. Young
Some Geological Considerations for the Economic Evaluation of Canadian Oil Shale Deposits G. Macauley, T.G. Powell, L.R. Snowdon
Size Reduction of Green River Shale C.A. Salotti, R.S. Datta
Sandia/Geokinetics Retort 23: Comparison of Real-Time Analyses with Post Burn Coring Results Craig E. Tyner, Donald W. Cook, Edward G. Costomiris
Retorting Kentucky Oil Shales. Yield Optimization at Moderate and Rapid Heating Rates Thomas Coburn, Marshall Margolis, Ronald Gariepy
Results of the Processing of a Western Oil Shale on the Allis-Chalmers Roller Grate Retort System B.P. Faulkner, M.H. Weinecke, R.F. Cnare
Results from the Simultaneous Processing of Modified In Situ Retorts 7 & 8 A.L. Stevens, R.L. Zahradnik
Preliminary Computer Model of Ground Water Flow and Solute Transport for MIS Retorting at Tract C-b, Piceance Basin, Colorado Russell G. Shepherd
Past and Present Geomorphic Activity in the Piceance Creek Drainage Basin, Northwestern Colorado John W. Whitney, Edmund D. Andrews
Oil Shale Health and Environmental Risk Analysis Lawrence B. Gratt
Mineralogy of the Mahogany Marker Tuff of the Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Glenn M. Mason
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Green River Formation Oil Shales, C-A Tract, Colorado W. Scott Meddaugh, C.A. Salotti
Microcrystalline Nahcolite on the 1840 Level, Horse Draw Mine, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado R.D. Cole, G.J. Daub
Median Residence and Dispersion Times for Fluidization of Crushed Oil Shale David E. Christiansen, Richard G. Mallon
Material Balance Technique for Analysis of In Situ Oil Shale Retorting Bruce H. Major, Paul J. Hommert
Laboratory Study of the Effects of Combustion Gases on Retorting of Green River Oil Shale with Superheated Steam A. Lamont Tyler, Harold R. Jacobs, Edward A. Bullen
Improving Flow Uniformity in Vertical Modified In Situ Oil Shale Retorts Thomas E. Ricketts
Hydroprocessing of Stuart (Australian) Oil Shale R.M. Baldwin, W.L. Frank, G.L. Baughman
High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTGR) Application for Shale Oil Recovery R.N. Quade, R. Rao
Heat Generation During Wet Oxidation of Oil Shale Wastewaters by the Vertical Tube Reactor Process John E. Barnes, Christina B. Cassetti
Fracture History of the Northern Piceance Creek Basin Northwestern Colorado Earl R. Verbeek, Marilyn A. Grout
Fluidized Bed Combustion of Oil Shale Harry E. McCarthy
Field Studies of Joints: Insufficiencies and Solutions with Examples from the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Marilyn A. Grout, Earl R. Verbeek
Evaluation of Control Technology for Modified In Situ Oil Shale Retorts P. Persoff, J.P. Fox
Environmental Baseline Characterization of the Naval Oil Shale Reserves in Colorado John Dadiam, Leslie L. Meyer
Effects of MIS Retorting on Groundwater Norman E. Hester
Economics Derived from Detailed and Definitive Design of Superior's Circular Grate Retort for an 18,000 BPD Oil Shale Demonstration Plant Donald F. Lilley, J. William Fishback
Distribution and Origin of Sulfur in Colorado Oil Shale John R. Dyni
Computer Modeling of Interaction of TOSCO II Leachate with Weathered Uinta Formation Esmail Esmaili, David L. Axtell, Donald D. Runnells
Coarse Beneficiation of Green River Oil Shale R.S. Datta, C.A. Salotti
Chemical Aspects of Eastern Oil Shale Retorting Analysis of a Core A.M. Rubel, D.W. Koppenaal , D.N. Taulbee, T.L. Robl
Chemical and Physical Characterization of Effluent Streams from the Processing of Australian Oil Shale P.R. Bell, P.F. Greenfield, D.J. Nicklin
Biotreatment of Oil Shale Wastewaters J.B. Healy, Jr., B.M. Jones, G.W. Langlois, C.G. Daughton
Beneficiation of U.S. Oil Shales by Froth Flotation G. N. Krishnan, E. P. Farley, R. G. Murray
Attrition of Spent Oil Shales During Pneumatic Conveying and Cyclone Separating James F. Carley
Application of the High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor to Oil Shale Recovery D.C. Wadekamper, J.R. Impel lezzeri , N.T. Arcilla, I.N. Taylor
Analysis of Occidental Vertical Modified In Situ Retorts 7 and 8 Thomas C. Bickel
An Engineering Model or Prediction of In Situ Oil Shale Retort Blasting J.T. Schamaun
A Standard Technique for Handling, Marking, and Logging Oil Shale Core John A. Hartley, Thomas N. Beard

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