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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 15th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1982. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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15th Oil Shale Symposium - 1982
Consolidated File: 15th Oil Shale Symposium, 1982 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Preliminary Evaluation of Oil Shale Wastewater Treatment by Ozone and Activated Carbon Raymond A. Sierka
Activated Sludge Treatment and Organic Characterization of Oil Shale Retort Water Michael F. Torpy, Richard G. Luthy, Leo A. Raphaelian
An NMR Survey of United States Oil Shales Francis P. Miknis, John Ward Smith
Analytical Methods for Oil Shale Wastes John R. Wallace, Linda Alden, Francis Bonomo, Elizabeth Sexton
Assessment of the Cumulative Environmental Impacts of Energy Development in Northwestern Colorado: Status Report Paul Ferraro, Paul Nazaryk
Continuous Monitoring of Methane in a Deep Oil Shale Mine M.J. Sapko, J.K. Richmond, J.P. McDonnell
Critique of Groundwater Modeling in the Piceance Basin R.G. Shepherd
Depositional Environment of the Oil Shale Bearing Cretaceous Toolebuc Formation and Its Equivalents Eromanga Basin Australia S. Ozimic
Design Parameters for Oil Shale Waste Disposal Systems R.A. Bloomfield, B.M. Stewart
Geochemistry and Physical Paleolimnology of Piceance Creek Basin Oil Shales John Ward Smith, Kwang K. Lee
Geology of the Horse Draw Nahcolite and Oil Shale Minn Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado R.D. Cole, G.J. Daub, B.E. Weichman
Hot Gas Stripping of Oil Shale Retort Waters Anthony L. Hines, Enayat O. Pedram, Sunil Punnoose, Richard E. Poulson
Induced Horizontal Stress Method of Pillar Design in Oil Shale J.F.T. Agapito, M.P. Hardy
Instrumentation and Data Analysis from Occidental Retorts MR-3 and MR-4 P.J. Hommert
Interaction of TOSCO II Leachate with the Weathered Uinta Formation in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Esmail Esmaili, Donald D. Runnells
Kinetics of Low-Temperature Pyrolysis of Oil Shale by the IITRI RF Process Guggilam C. Sresty, Harsh Dev, Richard H. Snow, Jack E. Bridges
Lateral Variation of Oil Shale Grade in the Green River Formation Karl A. Miller, Irving G. Studebaker
Modified In-Situ Retorting Results of Two Field Retorts K.L. Berry, R.L. Hutson, J.S. Sterrett, J.C. Knepper
Nitrogen Distribution in Oil Shale: Comparison of Bench-Scale and Commercial-Scale Hydroprocessing S.A. Holmes, L.F. Thompson, and R.A. Heppner
Occurrence and Reactions of Oil Shale Sulfur Alan K. Burnham, Robert W. Taylor
Oil Shale Mining Update Surface and Room and Pillar Systems Gordon B. French
Overview of Environmental Impacts of Large Scale Surface Mining of Oil Shale Piceance Basin, Colorado Robert L. Lappi, Daniel I. Carey, Arnold H. Pelofsky
Physical-Chemical Treatment of Select Oil Shale Retort Waters T.E. Higgens, W.F. McTernan, L.A. Schassberger, D.J. Kocornik, K.J. Stetzenbach
Physicochemical Treatment Methods for Oil Shale Wastewater: Evaluation as Aids to Biooxidation B.M. Jones, R.H. Sakaji, C.G. Daughton
Piceance Basin Hydrology: Aquitards and Aquicludes D.B. Tait
Porous Media Properties, Leaching Capacity, and Transport Properties of Soluble Pollutants from Spent Oil Shales W. Fred Ramirez, Patrick T. Morelli, William R. Peterson
Preliminary Results of Core Drilling and Other Geologic Studies of Paleogene Oil-Shale Bearing Deposits Near Elko, Nevada Steven W. Moore, Barry J. Solomon
Regional Stratigraphic and Depositional Analysis of Rock Units in the Upper Garden Gulch and Parachute Creek Members of the Green River Formation Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Janet K. Pitman
Results of Post Burn Coring at Geokinetics Retort 16, Uintah County, Utah Glenn M. Mason, Donna J. Sinks
Results of the Geologic Mapping Program During Shaft Sinking and Subsequent Station Development at C-B Tract Nick Stellavato
Room and Pillar - Sill Mining Method for Oil Shale Mining Ahmet T. Senocak
Rubblization of Occidental's Retorts 7 and 8 Thomas E. Ricketts
Sandia Geokinetics Retort 23: A Horizontal In Situ Retorting Experiment C.E. Tyner, R.L. Parrish, B.H. Major, J.M. Lekas
Shallow Oil Shale Potential Adjacent to the Rock Springs Uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming Larry B. Clayton
Some Chemical and Mineralogical Considerations Important for Understanding Leachate Chemistry E.J. Peterson, P. Wagner
Some Questions on Piceance Basin Hydrology Joseph H. Birman
Summary of OXY's MIS Retort Start-up Development Program J. Feinman, J.C. Shen
The Co-Disposal of Retorted Shale and Process Waters: Effect on Shale Leachate Composition L.P. Jackson, K.F. Jackson
The Filling of Oil Shale Mines With Spent Shale Ash: Ash Characteristics and Grout Development G.H. Watson, E.A. Ziemba, P. Bissery, D. Namy, R.L. Griffis, D.E. Nicholson
The Prototype Oil Shale Program—An Update P.A. Rutledge
Tongues of the Green River and Uinta Formations in the Piceance Creek Basin John R. Donnell
Union Oil Company's Parachute Creek Shale Oil Program Allen C. Randle, Brian F. McGunegle
Utah's Principal Oil Shale Resources in the Uinta Basin L.G. Trudell, G.M. Mason, J.W. Smith, T.N. Beard
Wastewater Treatment Study: MIS Retorts S.S. Sareen, D.A. Dickehuth, T.P. Van Sittert

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