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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 14th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1981. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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14th Oil Shale Symposium - 1981
Consolidated File: 14th Oil Shale Symposium, 1981 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
13C NMR Studies of Oil Shale Evaluation and Processing Francis P. Miknis, Gary E. Maciel
A Review of the State Policies and Concerns About Rapid Federally Assisted Oil Shale Industrialization Hamlet J. Barry
A Transportable Steam Stripper for the Pilot Scale Treatment of Oil Shale Wastewater Design Field Testing and Chemical Analysis John R. Wallace, William J. Culbertson, Charles H. Habenicht, Michael Shaffron
Analysis of Groundwater Quality Sampling Methods G.C. Slawson, Jr.
Analysis of Multiple Gas-Solid Reactions During the Gasification of Char in Oil Shale Blocks Robert L. Braun, Richard G. Mallon, Hong Yong Sohn
Analysis of the Operation of Occidental's Modified In Situ Retort 6 John H. Campbell, Patrick Peters, Shari B. Libicki, Michael L. Gregg, Jack E. Clarkson
Australian Developments in Oil Shale Processing Grahame L. Baker
BX In Situ Oil Shale Project Paul M. Dougan, Leroy Dockter
Chemical and Physical Interactions of an In Situ Oil-Shale Process Water with a Surface Soil J.A. Leenheer, H.A. Stuber, T.I. Noyes
Development of the I IT Research Institute RF Heating Process for In Situ Oil Shale/Tar Sand Fuel Extraction—An Overview R.D. Carlson, E.F. Blase, T.R. McLendon
Dynamic Fracture and Fragmentation of Oil Shale Application of a Numerical Model to a Blast Design R.R. Boade, M.E. Kipp, D.E. Grady
Economics of Shale Oil Production by Radio Frequency Heating Richard G. Mallon
Environmental Research at the Laramie Energy Technology Center D.C. Sheesley, W.F. McTernan, J.D. Westhoff, and R.E. Poulson
Explosion Hazards in Gassy and Non-Gassy Oil Shale Mines J.K. Richmond, M.J. Sapko, L.F. Miller, L.E. Dalverny
Fundamental Constraints to Improved Shale Conversion Processes O.A. Larson, C.S. Wen
Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media T.L. Cook, F.H. Harlow, B.J. Travis, T.J. Bartel, C.E. Tyner
Hydrogeologic Consequences of the Modified In-Situ Retorting Process Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado M. Mehran, T.N. Narasimhan, J.P. Fox
Laboratory Leaching of Bi-Modal Porous Media David B. McWhorter
Large Area Underground Retorts S.M. del Rio
Low Nox Burner for High-Nitrogen Fuels Robert M. Schirmer, Dale A. Nickeson
Lumped Mass Modeling of Overburden Motion During Explosive Blasting J.T. Schamaun
Market Analysis of Shale Oil Co-Products V.A. Kuuskraa, E.C. Hammershaimb, J.S. Broz, E.G. Higgins
Metals Distribution in Shale Oil Fractions K.F. Jackson, J.E. Benedik, F.A. Birkholz
Nitrogen Type Distribution in Hydrotreated Shale Oils: Correlation with Upgrading Process Conditions S.A. Holmes, L.F. Thompson
Parametric Analysis of In Situ Retorting Options for NOSR 1 S.S. Sareen, D.L. Bidlack
Progress of Phase II of the D0E/00SI Cooperative Agreement Beverly A. Romig
Response to R. Ellington's Comments on "Sweep Efficiency Modeling In-Situ Retorts" J.H. Campbell
Revegetation Studies on Tosco II and USBM Retorted Oil Shales M.K. Kilkelly, H.P. Harbert, W.A. Berg
Simplified Kinetics of Oil Shale Pyrolysis D.W. Fausett, F.P. Miknis
Status of EPA's Pollution Control Guidance Document for Oil Shale E.R. Bates, K. Jakobson
Steam Cracking of Shale Oil Liquids Edward A. Bullen, Harold R. Jacobs
Structural Analysis of Modified In Situ Oil Shale Retorts A.K. Miller, L.S. Coatin
Syncrude from Eastern Oil Shale Kirit C. Vyas
The DOE Oil Shale Task Force—A Progress Report Willard R. Chappell
The Geokinetics Horizontal In Situ Retorting Process Mitchell A. Lekas
Water Reuse in Steam Generation Systems for Oil Shale Plants Robert M. Rosain, James D. Mavis
Wet Scrubbing for Control of Particulate Emissions from Oil Shale Retorting Gerald M. Rinaldi, Robert C. Thurnau, Jaswant T. Lotwala, Andrew Long, Jr.

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