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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 13th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1980. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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13th Oil Shale Symposium - 1980
Consolidated File: 13th Oil Shale Symposium, 1980 All Authors
Forward James H. Gary
A Laboratory Study of True In Situ Combustion Retorting of Oil Shale Using Large Blocks of Oil Shale John J. Duvall
A Technology Assessment of Oil Shale Development Thomas A. Sladek, Patricia L. Poulton, William E. Davis, Philip A. Robinson
Applications for a High Temperature Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor in Oil Shale Processing J.E. Sinor, D.E. Roe
Changes in Iron Minerals During Oil Shale Retorting D.L. Williamson, Daniel C. Melchior
Colorado Oil Shale Analyzing Projected Future Levels of Development and Associated Socio Economic and Environmental Impacts Walter E. Hecox
Comparative Analysis of Nine Selected Oil Shale Properties Herman I. Leon
Determination of Process Yield for Oil Shale Retorting Using Oil Analysis by Capillary Column Chromatography Alan K. Burnham, Jack E. Clarkson
Fire and Explosion Properties of Oil Shale Part II J.K. Richmond, M.J. Sapko, L.F. Miller, A.L. Furno, L.E. Dalverny
Geochemistry of Fluorine in Oil Shale Leachates Ola M. Saether, Donald D. Runnells
Geohydrology and Surface Water Hydrology Programs of the Equity DOE BX In Situ Oil Shale Project Rio Blanco County, Colorado D.E. Markley, S.D. Munson, P.M. Dougan
Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Combustion Oil Shale Retorting K.S. Udell
Heavy Metals Pollution Potential from Oil Shale Leachates as Determined by EPA Proposed Extraction Procedures Ken Jackson, Larry Jackson
Hydraulic Cement Preparation from Lurgi Spent Shale P.K. Mehta, P. Persoff, J.P. Fox
Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide Adsorption on Shale Produced in a Direct Heated Retort M.A. Hasanain, A.L. Hines
Investigation of Critical Parameters in Modified In Situ Retorting J.H. Campbell, J.H. Raley, F.J. Ackerman, W.A. Sandholtz, S.B. Libicki
Laboratory Modeling of In Situ Retorting of Oil Shale from the Leached Zone of the Parachute Creek Formation by Superheated Steam Injection Harold R. Jacobs, Martin J. Marzinelli, Paul M. Dougan
Mitigating the Social and Economic Impacts of Oil Shale Development Donald P. Scrimgeour
Modeling Government Participation in Oil Shale Ventures Jack Sheerin
Occidental's Retort 6 Rubblizing and Rock Fragmentation Program Thomas E. Ricketts
Oil Shale A Framework for Development A.E. Lewis
Potential Uses of Spent Shale in the Treatment of Oil Shale Retort Waters J.P. Fox, D.E. Jackson, R.H. Sakaji
Principles of Blast Design Developed for In Situ Retorts of the Geokinetics Surface Uplift Type Keith Britton
Retorted Shale Research R.N. Heistand, W.G. Holtz
Retrospective Mortality Study of Oil Shale Workers 1948-1977 Joseph Costello
Shale Oil Products as Replacements for Petroleum Counterparts in Pavement Applications H. Plancher, G. Miyake, J.C. Petersen
Shell Pellet Heat Exchanger Retorting—SPHER Intensive Energy Efficient Process for Retorting Oil Shale J.E. Gwyn, S.C. Roberts, G.P. Hinds, Jr., D.E. Hardesty, G.L. Johnson
Some Relationships of Thermal Effects to Rubble Bed Structure and Gas-Flow Patterns in Oil Shale Retorts W.A. Sandholtz
Speciation of Trace Organic Ligands and Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds in Oil Shale Process Waters Richard H. Fish
Status of EPA Regulatory and Research Activities Affecting Oil Shale Development T. Thoem, E. Bates, C. Dial, E. Harris, F. Princiotta
Sweep Efficiency Modeling of Modified In Situ Retorts M.L. Gregg, J.H. Campbell
The Impact of RCRA (PL 94-580) on Oil Shale Development R. Michael Stanwood, William A. Wallace, John J. Gaudette
The Optical Activity of Shale Oil, An Important Physical Property R. Owen Asplund, Dale L. Lawlor
Thermal Decomposition of Kerogen Retorting Separation and Characterization of Shale Oil W.F. Tucker, R.D. Noble, H.G. Harris, L.P. Jackson
Wastewater Treatment and Management at Oil Shale Plants R.E. Hicks, R.F. Probstein, I. Wei, D.S. Farrier, J. Lotwala, T.E. Phillips
Water Politics Ronald Fischer
Well Field Design in Anisotropic Media for In-Situ Oil Shale Mining Walter W. Loo

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