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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 12th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1979. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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12th Oil Shale Symposium - 1979
Consolidated File: 12th Oil Shale Symposium, 1979 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Comparison of Above Ground Processes for Retorting of Israeli Oil Shales A.H. Pelofsky, H.E. McCarthy, G.B. French, E.E. Wing, C.J. Ladelfa
A Physical Concentration Route in Oil Shale Winning P.H. Fahlstrom
Carcinogenic Testing of Oil Shale Materials R. Merril Coomes
Characterization Fracturing and True In Situ Retorting in the Antrim Shale of Michigan P.H. McNamara, C.A. Peil, L.J. Washington
Chemical and Physical Properties of Oil Shale Dust and Correlations with Laboratory Fire and Explosivity Test Results M.T. Atwood, L. Goodfellow, R.K. Kauffman
Chinese and Estonian Oil Shale John D. Baker, Charles O. Hook
Comments on J. S. Hutchins' Paper 12th Oil Shale Symposium Colorado School of Mines April 19, 1979 Les Ludlam
Comparison of Dielectric Heating and Pyrolysis of Eastern and Western Oil Shales R.H. Snow, J.E. Bridges, S.K. Goyal, A. Taflove
Considerations for Retorting Oil Shales with Superheated Water Vapor V. Dean Allred
Control Strategies for Abandoned In Situ Oil Shale Retorts P. Persoff, J.P. Fox
Environmental Analysis for the Bureau of Mines Oil Shale Research Facility G.R. Schottler, G.J. Leonard
EPA Regulatory Research Program T. Thoem, A. Christianson, E. Harris, E. Bates, W. McCarthy
Evaluation of Retort Performance from Gas Data John H. Raley
Influence of Irrigation and Weathering Reactions on the Composition of Percolates from Retorted Oil Shale in Field Lysimeters T.R. Garland, R.E. Wildung, H.P. Harbert
Inorganics Leaching of Spent Shale from Modified In Situ Processing M.C. Tom Kuo, W.C. Park, A. Lindemanis, R.E. Lumpkin, L.E. Compton
Laboratory and Fire Explosivity Testing of Oil Shale Dust R.E. Williams, Z. Zborovsky, R.M. Blunt, D. West
Material Balance Calculations for True In Situ Oil Shale Retorting Paul J. Hommert
Methane Encountered at the Bureau of Mines Oil Shale Shaft Robert P. Vinson, Kenneth C. Cox, Fred N. Kissell
Microbial Interactions with Aqueous Effluents Derived from In Situ Fossil Fuel Processing S.E. Williams, W.K. Gauger, D.S. Farrier
Oil Shale 1979 and the $3 Tax Credit J.S. Hutchins
Oil Shale In Situ Retorting: Effect of Porosity on Yield R. Simon
Partitioning of Major Minor and Trace Elements During Simulated In Situ Oil Shale Retorting in a Controlled-State Retort J.P. Fox, K.K. Mason and J.J. Duvall
Phytotoxicity and Plant Response to Aqueous Effluents Derived from an In Situ Oil Shale Process Water Q.D. Skinner, T.S. Moore, R.O. Asplund, J.C. Sexton, D.S. Farrier
Post Burn Study of the Rock Springs, Site 9 In Situ Retorting Experiment Dale L. Lawlor, D.R. Latham, D.W. Fausett, R.O. Asplund
Potential for Fires and Explosions in Oil Shale Mining and Processing Robert B. Crookston, William N. Hoskins
Progress and Problems in Shaft Sinking at Tract C-A Eugene L. Grossman
Progress Report on the Geokinetics Horizontal in Situ Retorting Process M.A. Lekas
Recent Paraho Operations John B. Jones, Jr., Robert N. Heistand
Refining of Paraho Shale Oil into Military Specification Fuels E.T. Robinson
Refining Shale Oil in Conjunction with Crude Oil in a Typical Rocky Mountain Refinery G.E. Ogden, R.D. Ridley
Some Flow Characteristics of Utah Shale Oils Paul F. Lovell, Walter H. Seitzer
Superior's Circular Grate Oil Shale Retorting Process and Australian Rundle Oil Shale Process Design J.H. Knight, J.W. Fishback
The DOE/EV Task Force on the Environmental and Health Effects of Modified In Situ Oil Shale Processes Willard R. Chappell
The Oil Shales of Australia and Their Industrial History R.F. Cane
Toxicological Evaluation of an In Situ Oil Shale Process Water D.I. Hepler, A.S. Schafer, K.A. Larson, D.S. Farrier
Trace Element Release and Transport Associated with Shale Oil Production Willard R. Chappell
Uranium Removal from Chattanooga Oil Shale by Acid Leaching Arnis Judzis, Brymer Williams
Use of Electrical Geophysical Techniques to Map and Monitor In Situ Oil Shale Recovery Processes L.C. Bartel

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