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Welcome to the archive page for the proceedings of the 11th Oil Shale Symposium held in 1978. All files are in PDF format. The consolidated file provides the full proceedings in one file.

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11th Oil Shale Symposium - 1978
Consolidated File: 11th Oil Shale Symposium, 1978 All Authors
Foreword James H. Gary
A Petroleum Industry Program to Evaluate the Health Risks of Oil Shale Materials and Operations R.L. Gibson, M.D., N.K. Weaver, M.D.
Bureau of Mines Oil Shale Data Bank K.S. Radcliffe, R.E. Thil
Carbon Residue Reaction Kinetics for Retorted Oil Shale Y. Soni, W.J. Thomson
Combined Modified In Situ / Aboveground Oil Shale Processing Development Needs H.E. McCarthy, G.B. French, W.F. Hubka
Conceptual Design of Combined In Situ and Surface Retorting of Oil Shale K.L. Berry
Converting Green River Shale Oil to Transportation Fuels R.F. Sullivan, B.E. Stangeland
Drilling and Casing a Large-Diameter Shaft in the Piceance Creek Basin S. Utter, J. E. Hawkins
Economic Issues in Oil Shale Leasing Policy R.O. Jones, W.J. Mead, P.E. Sorensen
Environmental Research for In Situ Oil Shale Processing D.S. Farrier, J.E. Virgona, T.E. Phillips, R.E. Poulson
EPA Oil Shale Research / Regulatory Program T.L. Thoem, E.F. Harris
Evaluation of Comparative Toxicity and Shipboard Hazards of Selected Petroleum and Oil Shale-Derived Fuels M.J. Cowan, L.J. Jenkins, Jr., L.E. Doptis, R.W. Young
Evaluation of Potential Control Technologies for Shale Oil Recovery Operations J.E. Cotter, D.L. Strehler, C.H. Prien
Extraction of Hydrocarbons From Antrim Oil Shale J.P . Humphrey
Fracturing of the Antrim of Michigan C.A. Peil, J.P. Humphrey
From Environmental Baseline Studies to Monitoring, Research and Design A.M. Ruskin
Geotechnical Properties of a Fine-Grained Spent Shale Waste R.W. Peterson and F.C. Townsend, R.A. Bloomfield
Health Studies of Oil Shale Workers Joseph Costello
High Temperature Reactions of Oil Shale Minerals and Their Benefit to Oil Shale Processing in Place J. Ward Smith, W.A. Robb, N.B. Young
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Oil Shale at Elevated Temperatures Russell Miller, Fun-Deng Wang, Joel DuBow
Mercury Emissions from a Simulated In Situ Oil Shale Retort J.P. Fox, R.D. McLaughlin, T.C. Bartke, J.J. Duvall, K.K. Mason, R.E. Poulson
Net Energy Recoveries for the In Situ Dielectric Heating of Oil Shale J.E. Bridges, Allen Taflove, and R.H. Snow
Pipeline Transportation of Oil Shale J.M. Link, G.A. Pouska, R.R. Faddick
Potential Environmental Problems Associated With In Situ Gasification of the Antrim Shale F.J. Tanis, B.N. Haack, R.B. Fergus
Potential Toxic Effects on Aquatic Biota from Oil Shale Development R.K. Skogerboe, D.F.S. Natusch, D.R. Taylor, and D.L. Dick
Production of Utah Shale Oils by the Paraho DH and Union "B" Retorting Processes Paul F. Lovell
Progress in Occidental's Shale Oil Activities R.D. Ridley
Results from Simulated, Modified In Situ Retorting in Pilot Retorts J.H. Raley, W.A. Sandholtz, F. Jay Ackerman
Oil Shale Retorting: Kinetics of the Decomposition of Carbonate Materials and Subsequent Reaction of CO2 with Char J.H. Campbell, A.K. Burnham
Spent Shale Compaction for Void Volume Generation in In Situ Oil Shale Processing Chapman Young, B.C. Trent, A.E. Harak, D.E. Maxwell, J.D. Watson
The Effects of Moisture and Organic Content on the Thermophysical Properties of Green River Oil Shale J. Dubow, R. Nottenburg, K. Rajeshwar, Y. Wang
Toxic Trace Elements and Oil Shale Production Willard R. Chappell
Union Oil Company's Long Ridge Experimental Shale Oil Project G.B Snyder, J.R. Pownall
Uranium Minerals in Chattanooga Shale Arnis Judzis, Arvids Judzis, Jr.
Water Management for Oil Shale Mining and Retorting in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado Adrian Brown, Bill M. Stewart

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